Industrial Cyber Security

Industrial cybersecurity, often referred to as Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity, involves the protection of systems, networks, and assets used in industrial and critical infrastructure sectors. It specifically focuses on safeguarding Operational Technology environments, which include supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, industrial control systems (ICS), and other technologies used in manufacturing, energy, transportation, and other industrial processes. The goal of industrial cybersecurity is to secure these critical systems from cyber threats, unauthorized access, and potential disruptions, ensuring the reliability, safety, and integrity of industrial operations. Ultimately, it extends to the protection of your company’s OT assets, safeguarding against cyber risks and fortifying the resilience of your industrial infrastructure.

As advisory services specializing in industrial cybersecurity, VORD is dedicated to assisting your company in fortifying your Operational Technology (OT) assets and products. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive solutions to identify and mitigate cyber risks within industrial environments. We offer tailored strategies and implementation plans to enhance the resilience of your OT systems, ensuring they remain secure and operational. Through risk assessments, vulnerability analyses, and customized training programs, we empower your team to proactively manage cybersecurity threats. Our advisory services extend beyond mere protection, encompassing ongoing monitoring, incident response planning, and continuous improvement to adapt to evolving cyber threats. With VORD, you can trust in a partner committed to guiding your company towards a robust and resilient industrial cybersecurity posture.